Sunday, April 11, 2010

Scarborough Renaissance Festival: Sometimes Strange But Always Fun

No, this post is not about turkey legs, although that was was one of the highlights of my recent trip into the Renaissance. This Renaissance happens to be called Scarborough and is a festival that takes place in Waxahachie, TX (which is about 30 miles from Dallas) every spring. This is not a story about just any Renaissance Fest though. It's about one that is kind of strange (please see video below) yet for some reason for very entertaining.

If you watched the video, then you get some kind of sense of the strange world that is Scarborough Fest, yep that creepy music pretty much sums it up. Not saying that this is a bad thing, just part of the entertainment of the faire.
Some very cool balancing acts are all part of the act of multiple stages where you can catch shows.
See what I mean, this trick must of taken years of practice to be able to pull off, I for one was very impressed about this feat.

Before I go on, I have to relate a story about the above man. I've never seen live comedy before and I never expected to get any at the Scarborough Fest but this man, had people in stitches including me. It takes a lot to get me to laugh, as I've told people, and if you make me laugh, me of all people, you have to be good. This funny man was just that. Indeed he was, as before his show started, (at this time I did not know he had a show because he was standing outside the stage area) I was walking by him, and he said, "Hey, you there". I looked over at him cautiously, "flaming idiot", he yelled at me. As I kept walking trying not to make eye contact, he then said, "Not you, me, I'm the flaming idiot." I looked at him with a puzzled but very amused look on my face acknowledging him. Come to find out later, as I sat down in the stage area to eat my tasty turkey leg, that he was head of the show called, "One Flaming Idiot". I then proceeded to have a, ah ha moment. He was not joking, as he was the flaming idiot!

As proof of his comedic genius, as he was doing his show, he happened to see someone dressed up as  Gandalf, (the wizard  in Lord of the Rings) walking by, he suddenly stopped, and his said, "Wait,  that's great, I see Gandalf, I must run to him and hug him". I swear this was not part of the show and I was lucky enough to capture the moment as sure enough he ran off the stage and gave Gandalf a huge hug. I warned you about the strange nature of this story. 

To be a cast member of Scarborough Fest, it seems like it is a requirement to wear a kilt that has a beer mug attached to it.

You can't leave the fair without tasting the treats, including delicious, honey roasted pecans.
Never thought anything could match that turkey leg, that is until I tried chicken on a stick. It was seasoned to perfection!
It is only fitting in ending this story of Scarborough Renaissance Festival, that I leave how I began it, with a image of the strange sights to behold here. As I was watching one of the shows, I couldn't help but notice Princess Leia was in attendance. That was my good time, if you're nearby Dallas or plan on traveling there, I highly recommend a visit to Scarborough Fest. For tickets and more info, please visit their website: Scarborough Renaissance Festival

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