Sunday, May 9, 2010

Volkswagen Bus: Let The Good Times Roll

When this was beauty was spotted, I said nothing says The Goode Life more than a Volkswagen Bus also known as a hippie van. After of which, I knew I had to share this with you, especially fans of the laid back carefree lifestyle. Seeing this VW, certainly brings good times to mind doesn't it? Imagine all the memories that could be accomplished taking this van on a road trip headed for the coast. It's ok to dream isn't it?

View from above, the only thing missing on this particular van is a rack for surfboards. Love the sky windows on the van though.

Whoever own this VW beauty deserves some credit because they obviously fixed it up and keep it polished. Check out how the windows pop open, sweet! Windows that pop open like that would be very useful for smelling a fresh sea-breeze flowing in from an ocean. As someone who likes to chill, I have to ask, if you had  a VW like this, where would you take it? Any special destinations come to mind? 

Monday, May 3, 2010

Fish House: In A Fish Of Its Own

   On a recent romantic getaway to Pensacola Florida, I found this gem of a seafood establishment. It's called The Fish House! Not only was it located overlooking beautiful Pensacola Bay but inside this fabulous place was some of the best seafood that I've had in a very long time, and I grew up in Houston eating some of the best. As a seafood lover, I have to tell you, be prepared to blown away by the freshness of the catch served at The Fish House. If I can make one hungry stomach satisfied, I would be doing very good to recommend the Gulf Sampler. You can't possibly go wrong with this because the shirmp are so big and succulent that you'll be wondering where they got them. Not only that but there is a bunch of other fried seafood goodness on that plate including a fish of your choice. For this I went with a grilled Mahi Mahi. Yes, they do know how to grill seafood in Florida, and this establishment is no exception. I'll go one up on that, the way they do a Mahi Mahi at The Fish House leaves me speechless but if I can get these words out and you can quote me on this.. "YOU WON'T FIND BETTER".  I feel bad if only a little, writing that but only because it's like giving away the ending of a good movie in that you have to experience this dish for yourself.
   On some last notes, I'm a guy so I have to help my fellow guys out by letting you in on a little secret. This is an awesome restaurant to take a date. There is reason for this, and it's because the atmosphere is very romantic with stunningly beautiful fish tanks to look at while you enjoy your meal. What gets me though, is that at the same time, the atmosphere is also very casual and laid back at this fine establishment. It's a winning combo that in all my years of eating out I haven't quite experienced. The Fish House just happens to be one of those experiences that you won't ever want to pass up when you're in Pensacola. For location and more delicious seafood details please do visit their website: The Fish House

Ranking: 5 Goode Points