Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Life's A Beach So Go To Panama City

Ok, spring has just arrived and summer is on the horizon again! You can't deny that if you're like me that you might be craving a beach somewhere! I have to tell you that I'm still craving from my first trip to Panama City last winter, where I wasn't expecting very much in the way of beaches. In this case though, reality ate expectations for lunch and never looked back. The beaches in Panama City Florida amazed me way more than I thought a Texas boy with high expectations could be amazed (ie that Texas boy being me). One step onto the beach here, and I wanted to become the resident beach bum in Panama City and keep in mind... I went there at the start of winter so imagine how I would of felt if those warm summer feelings had been a piece of the equation. Yes, you guessed it, I probably wouldn't of left! Why was I so amazed? Let me present the evidence in 3 simple steps to beach heaven....

3. Yes, it's empty in this picture but imagine what it's like during Spring Break! Winter is not beach time obviously but who says a beach can't be enjoyed anytime of year but hey don't worry about that now because Spring 2010 is upon us!

2. Look at that beautiful shoreline and picture yourself on it. Then picture yourself in the water, during summer of course... maybe even this summer!

1. Last but not least, let me show you the number one reason I'd make myself home on Panama City Beach Florida... this picture doesn't do it justice but trust me when I say that this sand is about as white as your going to get in the USA outside of course Hawaii. I consider myself a beach fan and I've been to plenty of beaches in the other Panama this one being in Central America and you have to believe me that the sand there, wasn't as good as this. The quality of beach sand is very important to a beach but you have to go to this beach to really know what I'm talking about...but to give you a brief idea...think...sugar white! Seashells can be found in the sand so I can't go without touching on this subject. For all you seashells fan out there, I admit that I'm also very prone to collect seashells and as one might see in this picture, there is plenty of those to be kept on Panama City's beach! I mean and I do mean..."every where" I looked close to the shore there were seashells galore and beautiful ones too! Do yourself a beach and go to a beach in Panama City this spring and summer of 2010!

Ranking: 5 Goode Points

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