Thursday, April 8, 2010

El Meson de Pepe: A Tremendous Amount Of Satisfaction

One of my intentions with this new blog is to recommend great restaurants so you can easily find where to have a good time. With that said, I thought Cuban food would be appropriate to be my first restaurant recommendation. Why? That's because up until recently I hadn't tried it but when I did, "I said what took me so long"? I know you'll say the same.
This establishment was only found after doing extensive research of what Key West has to offer in the way of Cuban food. I know they have plenty of nice Cuban eateries on the island so this wasn't an easy task in the least. Like I said, I did my homework and it paid a delicious ten fold because I ended up at this cool little spot called El Meson De Pepe in Key West, Florida.
Finding Pepe's as we will call it for short and deciding to go there as I mentioned earlier was a choice in of itself. However, that was only half the battle as I walked through the door of this festive food experience. You see, upon walking through the door they give you a choice, do you want to sit inside or enjoy the patio outside? Patio I said, I didn't know this place had a patio but sure enough they do. After a couple of minutes of surveying the atmosphere inside which I have to say was very open and full of life, I had a decision to make. Again, not an easy one but luckily my traveling companion made the decision for me because I can be kind of indecisive especially when it comes to tough choices! We get outside, and I was very glad she made the choice she did, the outside was just as fun as the inside if not even more so. Again lots of space and with this came lots of seating, a bar (you know you need one those if you go to Key West), and big LCD TV's hanging from the covered patio. Nice! It couldn't be any better so far!
We get seated and break open the menu and see more choices than ever staring back at us. What to order in such an extensive menu that includes many many yummy sounding entrees as well as traditional Cuban sandwiches? I told myself, be logical about this, you've never tried Cuban food before, just go for the platter again and sample it all. Geez, I just can't get away from those platters can I? I said, oh well.. I'm probably not going to be able to come back here for a long time. Why not? The waiter came by and not wanting to sound like a moron I point to Completa La Tremenda. I know you're probably laughing right about now because even if you don't know the slightest amount of Spanish you probably can surmise that Completa La Tremenda is a tremendous amount of food. What do you expect from a food junkie though, my appetite is only complete when I eat a tremendous amount of food!
As it turns out though this tremendous amount of food turned out to be the final trifecta of awesome choices that I made for this food experience. To be honest with you I can't even pronounce half of what I ate which includes,Tamal En Hoja and Lechon Asado but I have to say my stomach didn't care because it was more than satisfying. The way they cooked the meat for this meal which inlcuded pork couldn't of been better. It was tasty, juicy, tender, and had all the right spices to make it melt in my mouth.
You know, walking into any restaurant for the first time you never know what to expect. However, I have to say that Pepe's as we will call it for short, went above and beyond my expectations in every sense of the word. It had plenty of festive atmosphere inside and out with an abundance of tasty Cuban treats to choose from on a more than satisfying menu! Again, a winning combo that I can't wait to go back and have to choose from again! At least though, I'll have one less choice to decide upon because I know just where I'll wind up: El Meson de Pepe's! To check out their extensive selection of Cuban goodies and to know exactly where you need to wind up next time your in Key West please visit their website: El Meson De Pepe

A tremendous amount of delicious traditional Cuban food including the Completa La Tremeda pictured above awaits you at El Meson De Pepe's in beautiful Key West, Florida!

Ranking: 5 Goode Points

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