Sunday, May 9, 2010

Volkswagen Bus: Let The Good Times Roll

When this was beauty was spotted, I said nothing says The Goode Life more than a Volkswagen Bus also known as a hippie van. After of which, I knew I had to share this with you, especially fans of the laid back carefree lifestyle. Seeing this VW, certainly brings good times to mind doesn't it? Imagine all the memories that could be accomplished taking this van on a road trip headed for the coast. It's ok to dream isn't it?

View from above, the only thing missing on this particular van is a rack for surfboards. Love the sky windows on the van though.

Whoever own this VW beauty deserves some credit because they obviously fixed it up and keep it polished. Check out how the windows pop open, sweet! Windows that pop open like that would be very useful for smelling a fresh sea-breeze flowing in from an ocean. As someone who likes to chill, I have to ask, if you had  a VW like this, where would you take it? Any special destinations come to mind? 


  1. Talk about bringing back memories. I owned a Bus back when I was in college. Late 70's-early 80's. Mine was no where near as nice as this. But you could hoist a table, and it had horseshoe seating around it.

    Top of the line Pioneer 8-Track(yes 8track) tape with high powered speakers, blasting tunes from the 60's 70's.

    I would load it up with friends and we would head up to the Sierras for skiing and such.

    Till the fateful day when 7 of my frat brothers and I headed to Santa Barbra for a Frat function. Armed with a keg in the back and other assorted items.


    Peace, Love, and Understanding--Elvis Costello

  2. Don, thanks so much for sharing that wild memory. In honor of your VW story, I felt compelled to rename my post to "let the good times roll". In fact I was rolling in laughter when you described what was stowed in the back of the bus. Sorry, to hear it ended up in a wreck. I hope everybody came out unscathed. I'm stoked to have you join my blog, come back by for a visit anytime and share some more great memories. Peace, Matt