Friday, September 9, 2011

What BBQ Dreams Are Made Of -The Weber Q Grill

Fajitas on the grill will make you think warm summer thoughts

Oh yes, it's here... it's the warmer months that make me want to grill more. I decided today would be that day when I broke out my serious BBQ tongs and fired up my grill for the first time in months. What better time to do that than Friday after work. I had been thinking about it all day at the office... should I or shouldn't I? Do I really feel like working after work? Somehow, I managed to convince myself that it would be worth the effort in the end. 

Assisting me in my effort was my old companion of 4 years and it's known as the Weber Q. Gotta love it. This grill of mine has fashioned many great grilling memories of great BBQ of years past. No, this is not a huge macho grill. All the better because it uses less propane and plus, it's not like I'm grilling for the masses. 

That's part of the reason I decided to do this post, I wanted to share with you this meal of fajita greatness in hopes that it'll inspire you to grill up some mean tasty meats but also to recommend to you a great little grill that I've come to know well. As mentioned above, it is the Weber Q but alas, I need to  introduce it to you properly so here it is... a picture so that you have a visual idea of what this smooth grilling machine is made of.

What were you expecting? I told you that it wasn't a beast. What it is though, is a grill that does its job well and won't let you down. It also helps that it comes with a porcelain enameled cast iron grilling plate. When I first broke it out of the box many moons ago and saw that grilling plate staring back at me, I just knew that it was going to champion meat fit for a king. 

I did get the smallest version of the Weber Q affectionately known as the Baby Q or Weber Q 100 that the great grilling company Weber produces but in my book it's just right. Coming in at 189 square inches of grilling space, this grill is perfect to feed a family or guest list of at least 5 to 6. Depending on the feast that you are mastering, you might have to do 2 rounds but who cares... after you shake off the lazy cob webs and actually fire up a grill to do some work, it pulls you in and you bond with the grill. This in turn will make it sad to twist the propane knob off. You'll make an excuse to thaw out more meat that I know you have stored away in that freezer just to see what you can do with it. Didn't we come from caves? It's in our blood. 

I could go on at length about this exceptional grill but it would take up lots of space and not fit in with the story of the grill that doesn't. However, I will tell you that the way it cooks meat is very methodical and efficient. It doesn't blast it with tons of BTU but coming in at 8,500 BTU, the Weber Q 100 is just the right amount. To give you an idea what I'm talking about, when I grill with it, it makes me envision a small campfire on the beach and over that campfire is a spit and it's slowly but surely cooking my meat but not zapping the juices from it which is exactly how the Weber Q operates. Speaking of which, the Weber Q series of grills are portable so you could actually and very easily take it to the beach with you or anywhere for that matter. Now try lugging that propane hogging beast that you have in your sitting in your backyard somewhere. I know, it's hard to move even a couple of feet, isn't it?

You might be asking yourself, I see a grilling lamp in the picture. Did it come with that? The answer is no but I can't tell you how efficient that plug in light is for grilling at night when the patio lights just won't cut it. If you even remotely think that you'll be grilling at night, then by all means get a grilling lamp as you want to make sure that meat is cooked using a spotlight instead of dim lights above. Thought you'd ask.. those tongs don't come with it either but are highly recommended if you're serious about grilling. Trust me, after using my trusty tongs, I wouldn't go back to grilling with a fork if it was the last thing left. 

The Weber Q Cart that's holding this beauty of a grill was bought separately but is an awesome piece of work in of itself and so worth it as it folds up so you can have that grill in one hand and the stand in the other when your transporting it... can't beat it. 

Partake o ye gentleman, this view from above about the feast be preparing for thee

All in all, this grill ain't a paper tiger so I hope I've inspired you to push that little button that has gas written all over it and in turn ignite the propane that will do the hard work for you by getting a Weber Q. Also, here's wishing you many great spring and summer memories and air filled with the smoke of many a loving meat giving off it's wonderful aroma to entice you to eat more than you should but go to bed happy. This is by no means the end of the grilling saga so stayed in tune with Live Goode because I will keep you posted in the future about my grilling adventures as the hot months wear on. 


  1. I enjoy BBQ so much. Summer is by far the best season. and BBQ means summer time! haha. Like your grill light too. where you get that?

  2. Summertime + BBQ = Party time! Ha ha.. You know what's up! Sounds like you know how to have a good time which is a lot more than I can say about a lot of people Atley. And Hot Dawg roasting on a spit tonight, I could NOT locate the name of that light. I tried man, it's been awhile since I got it and you'd think the name would be on the light but SOL man, SOL. I'll do my best to try and find it on the net somewhere and post it on one of your blogs. Until then, toast to you my friend. Come back again soon. We need more people like you on this thing we call a blog. Tallyho, Matt