Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oktoberfest in Southlake, TX

It's that time of year again! Oktoberfest has come or gone depending on where you live. We're assuming most cities hold their annual Oktoberfest in the first week of October. If you were fortunate enough to partake, as Live Goode did in the well to do city of Southlake Texas in the DFW area, then we raise our ale to you.

For those of you that don't know, Oktoberfest dates back to 1811 when the 1st Oktoberfest was celebrated in Munich, Germany. Live Goode dreams of a day when we can actually go to the real deal Oktoberfest still going on in Munich every October. That would be quite a story to bring back to you. Until then we'll have to settle for America's version of Oktoberfest.

To be honest with you, Southlake's 3 day celebration of Oktoberfest is the one and only Live Goode has been to but that is the fun of this blog. This year we may of gone to the Southlake Oktoberfest but next we'll get the scoop at maybe a even better one and be able to guide you to the best one. For now, Live Goode will show you how Southlake, Texas celebrates this world renowned festival...

Not to judge a festival by it's sign we'll move on....

Ahh... the line up, now we are getting somewhere....

Preforming with no shoes.. this guy has the right idea!

You can't tell by looking at em but these guys were rockin' trust me...

Let's take a break, and check out the scenery before we get to the the good part.

Oops, those are the portapoties but you wouldn't know that because they are disguised with perfectly placed bushes, interesting but unnecessary. Moving on...

A strategically placed Texas Longhorn, is a picture opportunity every time, we'll take that over the portapoties.

We see food somewhere in this picture, of course we couldn't leave without getting our hands on some.

As with any festival especially if you don't drink, food will always be a highlight. This time, that was no exception as we found this delicious well seasoned Philly Cheese Steak sandwich for 12 tickets (equivalent of $6.00). I'm not a Philly Cheese Steak fan as this was probably only the 2nd I've had in 10 years or more but count me as a fan after this snack. We hope my waistline doesn't disagree.

What would Oktoberfest be without a bratwurst? We don't know but Live Goode had to go after one. Unfortunately because they are so popular and it fits the mood, they were out! Instead, we had to settle for this beer wurst. It was a worthy replacement!

You got us, we got a little carried away but it's Oktoberfest after all. Hey, don't be too hard on us...we could of gone for the deep fried Oreos they were offering but we resisted. Instead, we picked up this Apple Strudel at a vendor booth on the way out and as we were walking back to our car, it was happily consumed. We never expected it to be as messy as it was but it definitely set our sweet tooth right and was an excellent way to end Southlake's Oktoberfest.

If you're really looking for something to do, then this Oktoberfest will entertain you with plenty of music, events, exceptional food, a myriad of vendor booths, and as always, something for the kids. If that doesn't satisfy you, then one of the local eateries or shops might foot the bill as Southlake's Oktoberfest takes place in their town square which is one of the best in the DFW area. When we say local eateries, we need to emphasize that Southlake Town Square features many quality restaurants and you'll have a hard time deciding what you want because the choices are that good. My advice, if you got the money, stay for a weekend at the Hilton in Southlake Town Square and really make it quite a celebration. Plenty to eat and see whether it's that or the festival, you can't go wrong as Southlake holds this festival in the middle of the perfect spot for entertainment. For that Southlake's Oktoberfest earns:

Ranking: 4 Goode Points

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